Kko Kko Na Ra (Tanjong Pagar)

I love Korean food, especially the hotplates/BBQ. When I heard about the Bo Samm at this place from friends, I had to give it a go.

Bo Saam

Bo Saam (steam pork) at Kko Kko Nara $30.

Bo Saam (steam pork). Nice texture (without being too chewy) with crunch. Wish it came with more veg and paste (we had to ask for extra). Was the only dish I might go back for when it’s less crowded and less pressure to move off from the table.

KKNR Fried Chicken

Korean style fried chicken (Original / Sweet / Garlic) $25

Korean style fried chicken (Original / Sweet / Garlic). KKNR is famous for this tasty snack. Freshly out of the pan, hot, crunchy with seasoned batter (and not too thick), the only way to eat is to use your fingers. The sweet one was a bit too much for me, but it was well fried and coated. I’m curious to see how this stands up to the shop opposite (Korean Fried Chicken). Expansive IMO. Will stick to the 4fingers @ ION if I need a sticky fried chicken fix cheap

The rest of the dishes generally ranged from expansive to over priced (especially the army stew @$30 whose taste did not command that price).

Side note : they got our reservation mixed up with the next day but made up for it by offering us to be the 1st in the queue.

My rating : 6.10 mainly because I find it overpriced

Kko Kko Na Ra Chicken & Food
68 Tanjong Papar Road Singapore 088489
Tel : 6225-9282    Fax : 6224-7901
Website : www.kkokkonara.com
E-mail : kkokkonara@hotmail.com

Business Hours
Lunch. 12pm ~ 3pm / Dinner. 6pm ~ 3am

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Office worker by day. Makan Heroine by night. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter & FB @singaporeaneats for my latest food adventures!
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