Keisuke Tokyo Ramen (Suntec)

Niboshi Stock Ramen

What I liked about the ramen here at Keisuke Suntec:

1. Options for crab & fish (Niboshi) based soup.

One of the dishes I’ve missed since embarking on a healthier eating plan is ramen, because of the stock. I opted for the fried fish stock Niboshi Ramen ($15.90 with egg). Heavy taste of bonito & was served pretty warm (unlike the rest of my dining kakis at the table). We tried the crab-based soup as well. It reminds us of crab bisque. Both the Niboshi and the crab stocks are surprisingly richly flavoured. For my tastebuds, it was heavily salted.  Some may like it that way.

2. Noodles

I like it that I can choose soft or hard noodles. I prefer texture to be more on the Al Dente side.

3. Free flow spicy breansprouts!

A tad too heavily on the sesame oil, but it was still so good we had 2 rounds of it whilst waiting for the ramen.

4. No snaking queue unlike the Tanjong Pagar premise!

Overall 7.10

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