Singapura Seafood Restaurant 星洲冷气大酒店

This is one of those old school Chinese restaurants still around town, specialising in Foochow cuisine. The sitting area is located upstairs.  As you make your way up from the entrance, a series of faded photos with celebrities including Anthony Bourdain at the side of the stairs greet you.

Upstairs the tables and chairs the typical 80s Chinese restaurant with round table and metal chairs. Dinners tend to be noisy family affairs, everyone is talking and busy shovelling food in at the same time. Of the 3 times we came, only once was a nicely quiet affair, the others with bawling toddlers and gossiping relatives.

For appetizers we usually start with the prawn roll. Freshly fried with juicy prawns, they make delicious starters. These rolls are wrapped in pig mesentary (the thin membrane that helps to hold the small intestine in place), which probably accounts for why it tastes so good after frying!  It comes with a plate of sweet sauce on the side, but I prefer it on it’s own, or a dip of chili.

Singapura Seafood Prawn Rolls

The specialty of this restaurant is their Cold Crab. Fresh, firm fleshed, sweet, and served cold, they have not disappointed us on the separate occasions we had it.  I like it on it’s own or with vinegar. These are not female crabs so don’t compare to those luscious ones we see at hairy crab season.

Singapura Seafood Cold Crab 1

Singapura Seafood Cold Crab 2

Steamed Pomfret. Very pretty presentation with props of carrots, ginger, mushrooms. Fish is fresh, simply done, and healthy!

Singapura Seafood fish

Claypot Fish Head. This was much better than the steamed fish. The gravy sauce is thick and flavorful, with lots of veg, great with rice. Fish head was a tad lacking in flesh (compared to Indian fish head curries), but whatever we can “fish” out was deliciously hot and tender.

Singapura Claypot Fish head

Stir fried Clams with Spicy Sauce. We didn’t think the clams tasted too fresh but the sauce / gravy was well done. Would skip this the next time.

Singapura Seafood Clams

Honey Pork Ribs. These are well marinated, and cooked to tender perfection. No need for knifes, just gently yank it off the bone with your fingers (careful it’s hot!) You will be tempted to lick your fingers at the end!

Singapura Seafood Pork Ribs

Scramble of eggs and oysters. I like the piping hot oysters in the sauce, but I have to say it is not worth paying the price of this simple dish ($20), when one can get it at the hawker centre for a fraction of the price unless you are desperately in love with the sauce.

Singapura Seafood Restaurant Oyster Egg

Crispy Duck.  Staff “carved” it up for us (much easier than us trying to tear unglamorously at it). Crispy and well seasoned, just a bit dry, probably not go for this again.

Singapura Seafood Crispy Duck

Fried Liver. Seriously I cannot believe this is liver. It came in substantially sized pieces, very tender, and coated with sauce, served piping hot.  I thought it was tender piece of beef… more please 🙂

Singapura Seafood Fried Li

Other dishes we tried was the Foochow Noodles which was really good, similar to KL hokkien mee, and the Red Wine Chicken, also very good and hearty, warms you from inside out.

Service wise, the restaurant seems overwhelmed whenever they get crowded.  There is 1 lady boss (who has quite a bit of attitude, especially on the night when we decided not to order the cold crabs) and 2 other female staff who were clearly overwhelmed when they are running a full house.  Food generally comes out pretty fast except for the last occasion when we had a very long wait (the other tables who came in later had their food served first), after which everything came out quickly.

My Rating
Food 7.5/10
Environment 6/10 (I like the old school look, but the noise really gets to you)
Service 5/10 (sometimes the boss looks like we owe her money)
Overall 6.5/10

From $40 to $70 each depending on what you order and how many in the group in our experience.  Corkage is additional $5 per head (recycle your glass the whole night).

Singapura Seafood Restaurant
Block 9, Selegie House
#01-31, Selegie Road
Singapore 180009
Telephone No. : 63363255, 63363478
Closed on Mondays


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