Disappointing Dim Sum Buffet at Ban Heng, Harbourfront

I was really looking forward to the Sunday dim sum buffet brunch at Ban Heng (Harbourfront branch) with the family, and it seemed like a value for money deal starting at $17.80++. But I left the place disappointed, and will never go back again.

First, the cha siew soh. The paltry filling did not look or taste of char siew at all, more like red bean paste.

ban heng char siew soh

Dumplings served cold, edible, but bland. No wonder they added sauce.

ban heng dumplings

The siew mai smelt and tasted fishy. I suspect it is pre-made elsewhere and sitting in the freezer for a long time. We literally spat it out, even the chilli sauce could not mask the fishy taste (pork tastes fishy?).

ban heng siew mai

Braised duck wings.  Very dry. And tough.

ban heng duck wings

The tofu with preserved egg was thankfully edible. No smell, clean taste.

ban heng tofu

Fried shrimp roll was good. Very generous with the filling, tasty, and served hot from the fryer.


Another good dish from them, the fried yam cake. Very crispy, served hot, and the texture inside is just like the fried yam rings you get at Chinese weddings.

ban heng fried yam

Other dishes that was decent/good included the chicken porridge (thick and hearty), and laksa (somehow it tastes like prima deli laksa mix). The pork ribs was decent as well, very fatty.  Xiao long bao was very dry and the skin too thick.

Service at the restaurant at that time was almost non-existent except for 1 elderly service trying to refill the tea of at least 10 tables of busily eating diners. They also enforce extra charges for tea/towel for each diner on top of a minimum seating of 4 persons for the buffet.

Ban Heng Crowd

Overall a very disappointing experience, we would have been better off going to an ala carte place instead.  I can understand that at such a low price, corners have to be cut (example we have to self-service to plates & sauces, or dishes can come in smaller portions), but not to the point where food is fishy and cold. That is not acceptable.

My Rating
Place/Ambience – Old school chinese restaurant. Noisy
Food – Disappointing  4.10
Service – Almost non-existent 2.10
Overall – 3.10


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