Lunch @ Seasons Bistro, TripleOne Somerset (Closed)

Another lunch set day!  We were quite curious about Seasons Bistro (replacing the former Applebees) at TripleOne Somerset and decided to give it a go after looking at the attractive lunch set menu.  Ranging from $12.99 to $18.99++ (depending on your choice of mains), we were enticed by the range of options for both the appetizers and mains.




Soup of the day (with watercress), lovely clean and rich texture.  Perfect with the slice of toast. Very generous bowlful of hearty goodness.

Seasons Bistro - Soup of the day

Seasons Salad. Nice & Fresh (no sight of wilting leaves, yay!), loved the touch of the Edamame to contrast against a plateful of leaves.

Seasons Salad

Miso Chicken with Potato Salad & Yuzu Ponzu. Very generous portion, could almost be a main for small eaters. The cold chicken and potatoes went well with the Yuzu Ponzu sauce (Japanese citrus-based sauce that I normally use with salads).  At the initial taste of the sauce, one might mistaken it for a rich balsamic vinegar, and then the undertaste of citrus creeps up and hits your palate.

Miso Chicken Potato Salad Yuzu Sauce


Chicken Caesar Salad. Super generous portion. It is much bigger than it looks on the picture. Fresh and crunchy, with our favorite egg on the side!

Seasons Bistro - Chicken Caesar Salad

Mushroom & Bacon Carbonara.  This plate of comfort food hits the spot with the umami mushrooms, bacon and creamy mix of cheese.  Pasta done just past al-dente (if you are particular, you might want to ask the kitchen to take note when prepping).

Seasons Bistro - Cabonara

Summer Southend Pasta.  For some reason this reminds me of what I’ve read in books by American/European writers on having pasta in their childhood homes cooked by their moms and grandmothers. I suppose when summers are here, the one finds lots of seasonal tomatoes added into their dish for good measure.  Personally I found the texture of this pasta version to be slightly soggy, but my friends loved it and slurped up the plate.

Southend Summer Pasta

French Dip Sandwich with Beef Jus (and fries).The brioche was rich yet tender, with a heavily accented butter taste and a delicate crust. Just this bread alone with a cup of coffee could make my morning!  I would have liked the meat to be more tender though (took quite a bit of chewing) and without the cheese.  If you haven’t tried beef jus before, you might be taken aback on how salty it is (unless you have a highly salted tastebud).


Seasons currently has a promotion for their in-store prepaid stored value card (they call it topup card).  For the first topup, they are giving a 50% bonus value (20% subsequently).  For e.g. pre-pay $50 and get $75 value in the card, which can be used to pay for anything on the next visit including lunch set, drinks, etc.  That is a pretty good deal, and given the quality of the food, needless to say we signed up for it.

Note about the service – although one of the new staff was very “blur”, the more experienced staff and the manager were very knowledgeable and helpful.  I was impressed that even though I came in later than my 3 friends (who ordered at least 15 mins earlier), they purposely arranged to speed up my food arrival to catch up with the rest so that we could enjoy the meal together.  Thank you!

My rating 8/10

Address #01-11/12 Triple One Somerse, 111 Somerset Rd 238164

Opening Hours  Mon-Thur 11am-midnight, Fri 11-2am, Sat 10-2am, Sun 10am-midnight

Update on 25.04.2015 – blog on Season’s Dinner here

Update on 4.04.2015 – Seasons is now closed.


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