Café Brio’s New High Tea Barbecue Buffet

We had a chance to check out Café Brio’s (@ Grand Copthorne Waterfront) New High Tea Barbecue Buffet over the weekend.  Reasonably priced at  $38++ (Adults) & $19++ for kids with a wide selection of local favorites, Japanese sushi, western sandwiches and barbecued items.

Cafe Brio - Display

Cafe brio - Sandwiches
The sandwiches looking very inviting, and check out the floss bun!

 Cafe Brio - Salad 1

Cafe Brio - Salad 2
Olives with chilli padi? Be careful of the spicy afterkick!

Cafe Brio - Salad 3
A twist on local Achar dish with grilled baby octopus. A bit chewy, but one of my favorite salads from the bar

Cafe Brio - Sushi
Sushi & hand rolls station.

Cafe Brio - Cold Dish
Chinese cold platter. I love cold platters at Chinese weddings! This is much cheaper way to enjoy it 😛  My favorite were the jelly fish, abalone and century eggs. It was probably every else’s favorite too as it ran out regularly and was refilled several times during the session

Cafe Brio - Chili Mussels
Chili Mussels. Sauce à la chili crab style. Yum 🙂

Cafe Brio - Kway Teow
Fried Kway Teow. Sadly this dish didn’t have enough wok hei and was more like stir fried noodles in lots of sweet sauce.

Cafe Brio - Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak.

Cafe Brio - Rojak
Rojak. One of nicest rojak I’ve had. The yu tiao was properly crisped up (not soggy), vegetables fresh and crunchy, and the sauce not overly sweet.

Cafe Brio - Laksa
The laksa station.

Cafe Brio - The fried stuff
Quiche, fish & chips, and chicken pie

Cafe Brio - Tim Sum
Lotus bun, mini soon kway and siew mai.  I like the size of the mini soon kway (which meant I had more space to try other things) and the filing was tasty enough. The siew mai looked factory made, tasted rather blend, but at least it didn’t taste of freezer burn.

Cafe Brio - BBQ
The barbecue station for sausages, chicken wings, satay and otah.

Cafe Brio - Desserts
Dessert station with local delights, cakes, ice-cream, ice kachang and chocolate dipping.

I think this will make a nice late lunch place for the family or after a heavy morning of shopping on Saturdays.  Food wise, quality is decent for most of the items at this price range.

My rating 7/10
Food 7/10
Service 8/10
Price 8/10

Café Brio
Grand Copthorne Waterfront
Havelock Rd, Singapore 169663
Tel: +65 6233 1100

Opening Hours
Saturday: 2pm – 5pm


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