Lunch By Little Venice of The East 乌镇 (Wuzhen)

2 hours away from Shanghai is the historical water town of 乌镇 (Wuzhen), located in northern Zhejiang Province. Because of the many canals, some have nicknamed this place the Little Venice of the East.  If you don’t have much time to spend here in the day, head straight to the West Village (xi cha).

Just one of the ancient stone bridges and many waterways. Idyllic and very tranquil.
Wuzhen Stone Canal

The beautifully restored streets and wooden house, life seems to have come to a standstill. An old-fashioned barber, ancient silk making and drying, community center with traditional entertainment (where locals bring their own tea and sit or sleep through the program, waking up only when the singing starts).
Life around Wuzhen

Although all restaurants are government-owned, they are mostly family run. According to the 老板娘 (lady boss), all restaurants sell the same dishes, however each restaurant may have certain dishes that taste better than the rest.  I think she was just being humble because we thought everything we had was one of the best meals we ever had for our entire trip!

There were so many eateries that we didn’t know which one to choose. In the end we followed our noses (it had the best smell!) and picked this one with a little patio outdoor seating next to one of the bridges (sorry don’t know the address.. just follow your nose!)

Wuzhen Braised Mutton

The winning dish was absolutely the braised mutton. Melting, full of fat and flavor. Super hard to resist… Mmmm..


Wuzhen Fried Eggs

Fried eggs with jiu cai. Fluffy textured, not salty, not oily. Thumbs up 🙂

Wuzhen Fried Kiam Chye

We were totally surprised by how light and fresh this stir fried kiam chye tasted. Very different from what we get in Singapore. Definitely not heavily salted, great with meat and pairing with the other dishes and rice.

Wuzhen Silk Tofu

Silken tofu with Mu Er. Another delightful dish. Punch is in the freshness of the toppings and the sauce.

Wuzhen River Fish

Sorry I’m not a fan of river fish. It was probably well prepped, but the muddy taste is not my cup of tea. Which is just as well that we had  黄酒 (huang jiu) to wash it all down.

Wuzhen cheers

Here we are, happy and satisfied! Cheers from Wuzhen!


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