Lazy Egg & Avocado Omelette (A Microwave Recipe)

I also like to use the microwave to prep & cook. It keeps the kitchen clean, much less things to wash, and you can even take a shower without have to worry about the stove. Oh yes, and it’s also great in the office to cook a fresh lunch.  Some people have lots of concerns on using the microwave to cook, I’m sorry if you are one of them, you might want to pass this blog posting.

I also like my eggs in the morning. Quick, yummy and full of goodness. So here’s is my weekend Lazy Egg & Avocado Omelette (using the Microwave).

Egg & Avocado Omelette

How to make.

You will need:

1 microwave friendly glass container with lid**
2 Medium Sized Eggs
1 Ripe Avocado. Diced*
1 tomato (for garnish or side salad)

1. Break up the eggs in the glass container.
2. Add 3/4 portion of the avocado to the eggs. Roughly mash the avocado in the mix.
3. Cover the container (important)
4. Microwave on “High” for about 4 minutes.
5. Remove and serve on plate. Garnish with balance of avocado, tomato, and black pepper.Black Pepper (to taste)

* How to dice and slice an avocado

** I much prefer to glass containers with lids to cook as the food comes out better plus it feels safe to know here is zero chance of melted plastic and chemicals (even though there are plastic containers that claim to be microwave friendly).   It also keeps moisture in (reducing dehydration when cooking meat and vegetables) and prevents splattering inside the oven.  This glass container with lid is my favorite piece of microwave equipment which I keep one at home and one for the office.


About singaporeaneats

Office worker by day. Makan Heroine by night. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter & FB @singaporeaneats for my latest food adventures!
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3 Responses to Lazy Egg & Avocado Omelette (A Microwave Recipe)

  1. dimshum says:

    Love this! Perfect for lazy people in the kitchen such as myself 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Etui Trove says:

    Where did you get your glass containers from? ^^


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