Hooked on Heads. Cze Char Dining in Air-conditioned Comfort.

Tucked behind Upper Thompson Road was a nice little find of a dining place, Hooked on Heads. We came on a weekday (surprisingly super quiet) and a Sunday (main crowd is between 7pm to 8pm) and after 2 rounds, I quite find this place under-rated.

Assam Curry Fish Head

ASSAM CURRY FISH HEAD. Served bubbling hot in the claypot, we could not stop slurping up the assam curry, great for perking up the appetite. I loved the curried okra as well, crunchy and not over boiled.

Hei Zhor

HEI ZHOR. Delightfully thin skinned and large size, yet crispy and served hot.

Fish Maw Soup

FISH MAW SOUP. Hearty and flavourful, thumbs up!

Prawn Paste Chicken

HAR CHEONG GAI. Hot, crispy, tender and moist on the inside. Cannot miss!


One of the nights, the boss informed us that the clams were just in, and fresh. We went for it and were not disappointed.

BBQ Stingray

BBQ STINGRAY. Could have been more tender. Prefer the ones at coffee shop cze chars

Ikan Billis with Petai

Ikan Billis with Petai. Petai tends to have a bitter taste and needs “accessories” to mask the bitterness. Good job here with the chili ikan billis!

Sambal Sotong

SAMBAL SOTONG. Have to be a bit careful here, sotong seemed a tad too soft, and the sambal lacking oomph for my spicy palette.

Spring Onion Ginger Beef

SPRING ONION GINGER BEEF. Although the beef was very tender (a lot of tenderizer?), I found it lacking in flavour except for the black pepper.

Oyster Sauce Baby Kailan

OYSTER SAUCE BABY KAILAN. Not oily (which is good) but a bit bitter. Go for the Kang Kong with Garlic instead.

Banana Fritters Special

BANANA FRITTERS SPECIAL. Skip the chendol, head straight to Banana Fritters Heaven. This puffy chunky treats hot from the kitchen make a heavenly match with the cold vanilla ice-cream. Perfect to end the meal with.

My Rating 7/10
Food – some hits and some near misses. My fav was the Assam Curry gravy, Prawn Paste Chicken, Hei Zhor and Fish Maw Soup. Skip the Chendol
Ambience – Except for the crazy peak hour on the Sunday night we were there (big families and screaming kids), the other times were wonderfully quiet.
Prices – Check out their website for prices. Compared to cze char places these days, they are fairly reasonable for their portions, with air-conditioning and complimentary water.

Hooked on Heads
Tower 2, #01-01/02,
Sin Ming Plaza 6
Sin Ming Road
Tel : 6455-4948
Website : http://www.hookedonheads.com


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