Lunch @ Level 2 at Killiney

An exercise in patience and portion control.

The good:
1. Quiet corner with a view.
2. Fried fish is consistently done well and not served dripping with oil
3. Grilled chicken cooked well with crispy skin
4. Mashed potato is thick enough.

Needs improvement
1. Waiting time for food. We were the only table but it took way too long for the 1st set to appear and even though similar mains were ordered between a few folks, there was a sizable wait in-between
2. Staff changed my side dish without informing me. Reason “ran out of stock” (we were the 1st ones for lunch that day).
4. Peppers were a tad bitter.
5. Portion size, great for those with XS appetite. We wanted to head downstairs for bak chor mee after lunch.


Level 2 Salmon

Salmon Fillet with Seasonal Veg

Level 2 Fish Fillet

Danish Fish Fillet with Lemon Butter Sauce

Level 2 Sambal Fish Fillet

Crispy Sambal Fish with a Twist with Side of Granny Smith Apple Salad (fish is the same as the Danish Fish Filet… with a slap of sambal paste on top)

Level 2 Chipotle Grilled Chicken

Chipotle Mexican Grilled Chicken with Granny Smith Apple Salad (although the chicken was grilled well, the sauce seemed to lack the pepper punch..reminded us of HP BBQ Sauce instead…?)

Level 2 Ragu

Braised Pork Ragu with side of Garlic Mashed Potato

Level 2 Corn Rice

Side of Butter Corn Rice

Level 2 at Killiney
117A Killiney Road
6733 4155

Since there are other Lunch Set options around this area, with faster service, better food and cheaper price, unfortunately for Level 2 Lunch Set menu, this only scores 5/10 on my books

UPDATE (MAY 2015) : Above menu has been changed out .


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