Satisfying Christmas Lunch at Tess Bar & Kitchen

If you are still scratching your head on where to have your Christmas luncheon with friends, family or colleagues, you might not want to miss the Christmas lunch at Tess Bar & Kitchen.

In the evenings, Tess’s crowds overflow almost onto the streets. But at lunch-time, you can enjoy a nice and relaxing lunch in a quiet and cozy environment.

Their Christmas Set Lunches range from $16 to $23 (excludes tax) and options include vegan pasta, seafood and beef.  Christmas Lunch Menu 2014

Tess Clam Chowder

I choose the SOUP (Clam Chowder) as a starter. Although the portion is small, it is very hearty and thick. Perfect for a rainy day!

Smoked Duck Linguine

SMOKED DUCK LINGUINE. I was initially hesitant to order this as I am not a fan of duck. I was delighted that the duck turned out to be more like a sausage texture and it was a great accompaniment to the perfectly al-dente pasta.  The portion was so huge I was able to share bites with the other ladies and still had leftovers 😮

Tess Prawn Aglio Olio

KING PRAWN AGLIO OLIO. Check out the huge sized prawn! With a generous portion of pasta, even the guys were burping with satisfied smiles on their faces.


BEEF STEW. So tender it was falling apart just with a touch of my fork. Perfectly stewed in red wine, herbs and vegetables. Love the hearty home taste of this dish. When I think of myself slaving 4-6 hours at home to get this dish up, the next time I have a craving for beef strew, I’m coming here to get my fix instead.

Tess Salmon

MODERN SOUS VIDE SALMON Ok. This one, I’m not a fan of. It’s probably something to go for if you are on a diet.  It was done very nicely for sure, with each flake turning up a pretty light pink color.  It just didn’t have the oomph in taste compared to the other mains.

We managed to squeeze in some sides as well, and loved every bit of it. *Note: as these appetizers are part of the dinner menu, we had to call and make arrangements earlier to include it as part of our luncheon program.

Tess Octopus

BABY OCTOPUS, CHORIZO & SUNDRIED CHERRY TOMATOES Deliciously marinated, slow cooked baby octopus, better than many of the tapas places I went to Spain (sorry Spain…)

Tess Truffle Fries

TRIPLE TRUFFLE FRITES. Mix of Yukon, Idaho and Sweet potatoes (and specially added for us, Japanese beets), deep fried and seasoned with truffle oil and salt. It is so umami we couldn’t get enough of it. Fresh out of the kitchen, oozing with truffle goodness with a kiss of salt. I’m drooling just thinking about it now.  Worth coming back for.

Tess Karage

CHICKEN KARAAGE WITH HONEY MUSTARD.  Makes a good snack with drinks. Crispy and light (not drowning in oil). I thought the mustard dip could be thicker and stronger though.

Tess also has many interesting cocktails in the evening. Best to come early to avoid the crowds/

My rating 8/10
Food 8.5/10
Service 7.5/10 (one was very nice and gracious, the other not so)
Price 7.5/10 (for the food quality and the overall ambiance)


Address :
38 Seah St 188394

Opening Hrs :
Mon-Thur 11.30am-1am;
Fri 11.30am-2am Sat 4.30pm-2am


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