Bluefin Tuna Cutting Show at En Japanese Dining Bar @ Alocassia

En Dining has evolved since the days of being in Mhd Sultan (remember Mdm Wong and Wong San’s?), and the branch in Alocassia, is a very spacious, comfortable and well-lit dining area located in Bukit Timah. They even have private rooms for small parties and personal gatherings.

It was a real treat to catch their recent Bluefin Tuna cutting show right here in Singapore at the En Japanese Dining Bar @ Alocassia.  The last time I went to Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo (which was eons ago), we got there so late (7am), that the famous tuna auction had closed for the day and prized fish already hauled off to the respective buyers. 😦

Bluefin Tuna

The beautiful 80kg Bluefin Tuna (クロマグロ hon-meguro) being wiped down for the cut. It was so heavy that it took 3 men to lift it out from the ice box.

Chef Ganeko Yutsuki from Okinawa to showcasing his cutting skills (using short knife technique).

bluefin cutting 2
Trimming the best part of the fish… Chu-toro and O-toro.

bluefin chutoro and otoro
Bluefin tunas are the most prized tuna and when served as sushi, may also be referred to as “toro” (tuna belly). Chu-toro is a choice cut from the belly which is marbled & milky-pink because of the high fat content. This part has a very rich taste and buttery texture. O-toro is the most choice cut of tuna as it is the fattiest part of the belly near the head.  It’s a very pale pink and melts in your mouth.  There is also Akami, which is the leaner meat from the sides of the tuna.

en dining salmon
Fresh wild salmon sashimi from Norway. The flesh is dense and does not have the “chiller” taste that usually accompanies frozen salmon.

Aji, Kimedai, Hirame
The staff showing us other varieties of fish are imported from Tsukiji Fish Market a few times a week. From left to right: Aji, Kimedai, and Hirame. You can choose 4 ways of cooking it – Sashimi, Sushi, Yaki (grilled) or Nitsuke style (simmering).  I always like grilled because it goes better with beer & sake! 😀

Motobu beef
Remember the famous Japanese TV series called the Beach Boys which was based in Okinawa?   Now you don’t have to go all the way there to check out this award winning Motobu beef from Yanbaru of Okinawa won an “Outstanding award”. Just look at that delicate weave of marbling!
Motobu beef 2
Looks like a day for Hot Pot!  After finishing the beef, the fatty taste of the meat lingers in the broth, and makes a nice finish to the end of the meal.

bluefin tuna poster
From 19 December 2014, diners are able to enjoy 30% off Bluefin Tuna dishes such as Maguro sushi at $6.80 (U.P. $9.80), Toro Maguro sushi at $13.80 ($19.80), Maguro sashimi $13.10 ($18.80) and Toro Maguro sashimi $33.60 ($48.00).


En Japanese Dining is now offering a Wagyu yakiniku semi-buffet with 10 accompanying Okinawa dishes at promotional rate $58++ per head. While Z’en Japanese Cuisine features all-you-can-eat Motobu beef Shabu Shabu course at promotional rate $68++ per head.

(this was a hosted event)

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