Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice Balestier. Overrated. Overpriced.

Given the hype surrounding this famous restaurant, I was quite excited to make my very first trip down.  But ultimately couldn’t help feeling that it is overrated when I left.

1. Booked few days in advance for 6, give us a table for about 4, chucked in the corner near the rubbish bin
2. Asked to move upstairs, was told it is full. Went up to check, clearly not.
3. Table who came in much later got their food much earlier
4. Did not inform when dessert would take 20 mins to prep (we would have skipped).
5. Water refill not automatic.
6. Staff generally nonchalent

APPETIZERS. The century egg with ginger was alright although the yolk was a tad too soft. Char siew was fatty and tender, could do with less sauce to make it less sweet.





Dry, even compared to an average hawker stall. Rice was dry and crumbly as well. Very disappointing.



Portion for the venison was very small, but very tender (better than the chicken…).


Sweet & Sour Pork. This was done alright, just thought each nugget was a bit too small sized.


Stir fried long beans with tofu. This was one of the better dishes at our table. Fresh, hot, and crunchy.


Claypot tofu. Was done alright, the egg was a nice touch. Pot could have been hotter.


Vegetables of the day. Some kind of leeks. The leek itself tasted nice but I wish it was less starchy.

Famous place, but I won’t be coming back. Much prefer Good Year Local Hainanese Chicken Rice at Braddell.

My Rating 6/10
Food – For a chicken rice place, the chicken was disappointing. Other dishes are so-so, not something I would especially come back for.
Prices –  Over priced for the portion and quality.

Boon Tong Kee
401 Balestier Road Singapore
Tel: +65 6254 3937
Website :


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