Portico Singapore

It was a memorable food coma moment for all of us at Portico Singapore where we have a combined birthday celebration lunch for several friends.  Because we reserved the tables & pre-ordered the food days in advance, we didn’t have to wait long for the food after we got seated.  We loved the long table seating arrangement they did for us at the side of the room.


We started with the chicken wings (they have AWESOME chili sauce!) and truffle fries (love the punch of the truffle with the hot chippies)

Portico Chicken Wings

Portico Chicken Wings with Chilli Lime Dip (fiery sauce!)


Truffle Fries

Next came the soft shell crab (savoury and hearty) and buttered vegetables (soooo good even the kids were helping themselves).


Soft Shell Crab. I would so come back just for this!


Seasonal Vegetables cooking with butter. YUMZ 🙂


Next came the Mains.   The wonderfully roasted chicken (thin crispy skin) and tender beef roasts.


What a lovely display. The birds were wonderfully roasted, moist on the  inside with thin crispy-like skin on the outside.


Beef Roast


Beautifully done.

By this time we were about to collapse at the table but there was still 1 more item to go, would we be able to stuff ourselves further???  :O


Croque Madame.  The combination of the bechamel sauce with ham, tomato and cheese…heavenly…;)


Of cause we did. By the time we left, we had to roll ourselves out of that place. We had a good time, and I am making a mental note to come back and try the brunch one of these days.

*Note – Reservations are recommended especially for weekends/big groups.

My Rating 8/10
Food – Excellent quality and portions
Service – Staff are polite, though not always anticipating customer needs (e.g. offering appropriate cutlery, clearing plates).
Prices – Good for the quality of food, place and cosy ambience of the outdoor gardens

Portico Singapore
991B Alexandra Road #01-10 Singapore 119970
Email: hello@portico.sg
Tel: +65 6276 7337
Website : http://www.portico.sg/



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  1. Great photos and the food looks amazing!


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