Dragon-i 龙的传人 in City Square, JB, Malaysia

I was in JB for work recently and my colleagues and I decided to try this restaurant in City Square, which by the way, is very easy to access via SBS bus 160 & 170 from Kranji MRT (less crowded on weekdays).

Even at 2:30pm on a weekday, there was a queue outside the establishment. Thankfully it moved quickly as we were ravenous by then.  We had to order the xiao long baos (which they are apparently famous for) of course, and then packed the rest of our growling tummies with carbs.

Photo 6-2-15 2 13 56 pmPhoto 6-2-15 2 21 05 pm

The flowering tea reminded me of a floating alien baby initially but blossomed into a ethereal, beautiful arrangement.

Photo 6-2-15 2 33 46 pmThe drunken chicken, one of the famous dishes from Shanghai, was a very decent dish, was wonderfully gelatinous and served properly chilled. My only grouse was it could do with more rice wine.

Photo 6-2-15 2 16 58 pm Photo 6-2-15 2 18 11 pm

The xiao long baos and dumplings were very “home” like.  Not with the same finesse I had experienced in Shanghai, but something very unpretentious. What I liked about it was the softness of the skin, even though I thought it could be thinner.

Photo 6-2-15 2 24 37 pm

This was supposed to be a spicy la mien. Which was not spicy at all. And the gravy was … like peanut sauce. Certainly do not recommend this dish.

Photo 6-2-15 2 24 58 pmThe additional side dish of pork chop was very clean and crisp, and served hot.

We had another order of rice and vegetables as well, total bill RM123 (after current conversion about S$48) for 4 pax.  For the price and above food quality , it is a pretty neat deal if you are planning a trip up to City Square (very good prices for hair styling and treatments too!) soon.

Dragon-i Restaurant @ City Square, JB, Malaysia
Lot No. J3-36, Level 3
tel : +607-222 1288


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