The Educated Imbiber by Bacchanalia. Cocktails & Dining with Escoffier

Update July 2015: Bacchanalia has moved to 39 Hongkong St, S059678. Check their website for details.

It is clear that Bacchanalia’s Executive Head Chef, Ivan Brehm, is deeply passionate about food. As he rattles off the history and significance of each of the dishes that was presented, his infectious enthusiasm brings the diner back to the days of the American Bar of the Savoy Hotel, which was one of the early establishments to introduce American-style cocktails to Europe. This sets the scene for tonight’s dining experience as part of B’s Educate Imbiber series.

Photo 26-2-15 11 03 53 pm

Kitchen tour led by Ivan Brehm. My first time in a professional kitchen! Totally spotless.


Starters and menu for the evening. The theatrical styled menu, a hint to Savoy’s past lavish theatrical parties.


Some of the potent American-style cocktails (a huge trend during the early Savoy days) that the following dishes were selected to pair them with.  In many dining experiences, the dishes come first before the selection of alcohol. By the end of the evening, I was having a cocktail coma before the food coma set in!


Egg Arnold Bennett

Egg Arnold Bennett – modern take of the traditional Omelette Arnold Bennett. I assure you it taste much better than it looks. Served warm, and on the savory side, pairs great with Champagne / easy White wine.  The bonito flakes made a nice twist to this comfort dish.


Celeriac Fondant sauce Anchoiade

Celeriac Fondant sauce Anchoiade – Celery leaves, water celery, fennel, celeriac remoulade + granny smoth apples, walnuts or macadamia. Personally I thought it was more of a very elegant vegetarian dish (except for the anchovy). Not having tasted much variety in the french style of cooking before, it might be just safe for me to mention that the celery was an interesting contrast to the anchovy flavor.


Supreme de volaille Jeannette

Supreme de volaille Jeannette – Onion Consumme, foie gras and red wine sauce, cold chicken breast, tarragon and fennel salad, curry leaf. Served almost chilled, the light cosumme jelly layered with a thin film of foie gras is a treat to the palate (I’m a sucker for foie gras :P). Only wish there was more!


Magret de canard Cumberland

Magret de canard Cumberland – Grilled Duck Breast, Spiced Red Currant fluid Gel, red currents, grilled salsify and duck sauce, spearmint. Did they save the best for the last 🙂 This canard was totally worth spending my calories on. Gamey, fatty and tender (very different from chinese style roasts),  it was perfect with the sauce.


Peach Melba

Peach Melba – closing dish to end the evening. I loved the sweetness and tartness of the sorbet which was full of peach goodness.  A nice cleansing of the palette before the end of the evening (not so much the rest of the peach though, sorry!)

All in all, a very lovely evening with many other guests who are just as passionate about drinks and food pairings. It is also very interactive with not just the chef and mixologist, but also the other friendly diners that one shares the dining table with.

If you love new dining experiences and are curious and are open about different dining cultures and interacting with similar souls, do check out with B on their next Educated Imbiber dinner.. which I am told should be somewhere near the equator line? That should be interesting 🙂

(This was an invited dinner)

Overall – 7.5 (for the Educated Imbiber dinner)

Ambience – 8 (seating in a separate area for Imbiber guests)
Food – 8 (some hits and some interesting items I probably wouldn’t order on my own, do come with an open mind)
Service – 7.5 (mostly calm, not in-your-face, looked a bit nervous tho?)
Price – $150++ (for this particular dinner)

23A Coleman Street
Singapore, 179806
Tel : +65-65091453
Web :


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