Thai Steamboat & Mookata at Suki Thai @ Golden Mile

When you see Mookata stalls popping up at even heartland coffee shops, you know it is a trend that has hit the hearts (or stomachs, rather) of local peeps.

My first time with Thai Steamboat & Mookata was aptly in Singapore’s Little Thailand – Golden Mile.  The ground floor is packed with Thai food stalls, money changers and transport service companies (buses to Malaysia & Thailand) and Thai clubs tucked away in nooks and corners.  A little gritty, a little grimy, with character.


Up to the 2nd floor are clothes stalls and larger food eateries / restaurants, and round the corner is the bright and spacious Suki Thai serving steamboat and mookata.


I was very excited to see the colorful display of the All In One Combo veg/meat/seafood Set menu ($40). You can also order them separately (Seafood combo $29.50, meat combo at $24.50 & veg at $14.50). But I think the All In One Combo Set is more worth it.  Portion can be for 2-3 persons.

For the steamboat, we had 2 stocks – chicken & tom yam.  The tom yam stock was surprisingly light, which I thought was good so that as the dinner progresses, you don’t end up with overly salty soup.  The seafood and meat was fresh, no fishy / mushy stuff.  The vegetables are also fresh, delivered directly from a truck that drives down from Thailand regularly.



The mookata version & other side dishes that we tried.


Wagyu Beef ($22)

Suki Thai also carry many delightful side dishes starting from $2.50. The deep fried enoki mushrooms was very pretty looking dish..  There was also jade noodles (very qew) and cheese sausages (always a crowd favorite), and the very authentic (spicy!) Mango salad.


Pretty strands of golden fried enoki mushrooms


Cheese sausages and Thai fishcake


Mix and match the sauce to suit your tastebuds


Jade noodles. Very “qew”


The very spicy Mango salad (with strong taste of salted freshwater crab, Boo Kem). The heat is guaranteed to knock your socks off, standby with the ice water!

Overall 7/10

Suki Thai Steamboat and Thai Cuisine
Golden Mile Complex
5001 Beach Road
Singapore 199588
Tel: +65 62913313
Website :

Opening Hours
12pm – 11pm (Daily)

(This is a hosted tasting)

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