Lunch Set at Trattoria 33 Cuppage Terrace

We stumbled upon this place having a set lunch option recently and decided to check it out.   Prices started from $13.90++ for a soup / salad, pasta / pizza + tea / coffee. There were options to change the mains to steak / fish with topping up of $15+ but we decided to stick to pasta and pizza.

Photo 16-4-15 5 56 12 pm

The Soup of the Day, which was the Cream of Tomato was thick and savory, and served warm with a thick slice of bread (olive oil & balsamic on the side).  I rather enjoyed it, and it reminded me of the tomato soup that I had tried to make at home (without the cream but still managed to make it pretty thick)

Photo 16-4-15 5 55 04 pm

My Mentaiko Pasta with Cream sauce. I liked the generous mix of mentaiko and how it bursts in the mouth with each bite of pasta. Pasta had a nice bite, not soggy.  But why was there an overpowering smell of a butter pound cake???  When I tasted the dish, it was more like eating butter with a side of pasta. In the end I had to drown the butter taste with lots of dried chili so as not to waste the food 😦

Photo 16-4-15 5 57 57 pm

My colleagues went for the 10″ pizza. This featured one is the Salami Piccante (photo credits : Yvonne Chow).  Probably due to too much water in the mozzarella, it was a bit soggy, which could have been overlooked if not for the sadly bland taste and lack of texture.  The Pizza Margherita looked exactly the same sans the salami and olives, just decorated with some leaves.  :(:(:(

Photo 16-4-15 5 55 38 pmThankfully the black coffee saved me.

Our Rating 5.5/10
Food – Soup was nice, mains were not.
Ambience – Comfortable & quiet at lunch, probably noisy at dinner considering the area
Prices – Comparable to the other lunch sets in Orchard if you do not intend to “upgrade”

33 Cuppage Terrace Trattoria
33 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace,
Tel : +65 6836-5738
Website :

Opening Hours
Lunch Mon-Sun 12PM – 15PM
Dinner Mon-Thu & Sub 6PM – 11PM
Fri & Sat 6PM – 2AM
Closed on Tuesdays


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