Nantsuttei for Black Mayu Ramen

I was glad to find out that Nantsuttei was near enough to pop by during lunch, and since it is supposed to be very popular, we decided to give it a go.   Apparently there is a long queue during dining hours, so we are were surprised to get a seat easily (or maybe because we got there at 1215pm on a weekday).

Spacious and bright interior

Entrance and Ramen Standee

Current “HOT” item on their menu, the Tomato Miso Ramen. Hmm, wonder what that tastes like?

Tomato Miso Ramen $16++

The broth reminds me of tomato sauce (which was both sour and sweet), and with a spicy kick. An interesting change from the usual ramen heavy / oily ramen broth.  Not sure I would have this again though as I got tired of the broth after a while.

Photo 22-4-15 2 29 45 pm

Negi Ramen $15++

The pork mayu broth for the Negi Ramen packs a punch but the noodles are somewhat limbek, missing the “q”.  I liked the heap of slivered scallions which was lively to the mouth, but unfortunately further emphasized the limpness of the noodles.

Cha Siew Ramen $16++

The broth for the Cha Siew Ramen tasted very similar to the Negi Ramen, just slightly lighter. Nice big pieces of cha siew, depending on your preference it you might find it a bit dry.

Add your favorite sides. I liked the free garlic!

Huge portion of crunchy brean sprouts tossed with sesame oil. Served steaming hot 🙂

The condiments. My favorite was the vinegar which cuts across the oiliness.

I generally enjoyed Nansuttei’s  mayu based ramen, but somehow I have yet to find that perfect bowl of broth + noodles here in Singapore.  One also has to leave quickly after finishing to give way to the queue outside. Definitely no lingering here. Alternatively,check out their other store Hachifukumaru (which I prefer) at the back of OG Orchard (ground floor) which also serves mayu ramen with other side dishes like gyoza & has weekday lunch offers.

My Rating 7/10
Food – 7.5/10 Generally enjoyed it.
Ambience – 7/10 Comfortable & more spacious than some other ramen places where you have to shout to be heard above your next table. But cannot linger.
Prices – 7/10 Reasonably close to other ramen places in town. Cheapest ramen starts from $12++

Nantsuttei Ramen
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896
Tel : +65 6337 7166
Opening Hours
11am – 10:30pm


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