Japanese Lunch Set at Tburu, Orchard Gateway

The recently opened Tburu is not easily spotted from the ground level of Orchard.  If it wasn’t for the huge banner located at the entrance of Orchard Central@Emerald, we would not have stumbled open this zen-like, elegant restaurant.


Contempory decor whilst keeping the traditional Japanese feel

The layout of the dining area is very spacious and airy. There is a feeling of tranquility and we felt more relaxed when we were in that place. Unfortunately the food doesn’t quite deliver. Tburu serves mainly sushi and grilled dishes. However at lunchtime, they offer a set lunch menu, prices ranging from $16 t0 $38. IMG_4567 Photo 11-4-15 1 47 47 pm Here comes the side dishes / appetizers before the main dish.  The soup and the chawanmushi was rather light in taste and texture.  I would have preferred a more robust version.

Photo 11-4-15 1 48 31 pm

Tokyo Style Tori Karaage Curry $18 Deep fried chicken in Japanese curry with steam rice

Portion wise, the Tokyo Style Tori Karaage Curry delivers. Taste-wise, I found the curry too sweet, and the rice was more like typical Chinese rice texture.

Yasai Kakiage Soba

Yasai Kakiage Soba $16 Vegetables deep fried with cold soba

Very pretty looking set, the Yasai Kakiage Soba.  The ball of mixed julienned vegetables was crispy and non-oily. Nice contrast with the cold soba. Portion is small though, more for a light lunch.

Photo 11-4-15 1 52 52 pm

Ebi Tempura Soba $18 Prawns tempura with cold soba

The Ebi Tempura was nicely one. Light, crisp and not oily, and accompanied by cold refreshing bowl of soba noodles. My only gripe was that the portion was not enough and I was hungry just a few hours later.

 boiled cabbage

Dessert was boiled cabbage

We finished with a small dish of boiled cabbage each.  I’m not sure if this was meant to be dessert or a palette cleanser (?) Overall, we liked the ambiance and food presentation, but taste and portion wise it was disappointing. Maybe they do a better job with the grilled foods and sushi but otherwise I prefer to go to other places.

My Rating
Food – 6.5/10
Ambience – 8/10
Value – 6.5/10
Other Japanese places around the area offering better food quality at similar prices or less.s.

 Tburu Sushi & Grill
Level 5, Orchard Gateway @ Emerald 218 Orchard Road Singapore 238851 Tel : +65-62210004

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Update on 26 June 2015 – According to some colleagues who visited the place again recently for lunch, they were happy to report that although some dishes are a hit & miss the food portions have improved greatly.


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