Excuse Me, Where is the Rice? A Healthy, Fuss-Free & Pretty Alternative to Salmon Don

If you had too much of eating outside for the week, avoiding carbs and hate the usual diets meant for cows, check this savory yet healthy alternative (easy on the pocket too) to detox.

Singaporeaneats Salmon Quinoa Mix

Salmon Quinoa Mix

Salmon Quinoa Mix

How to whip up this quick and easy dish?

What I used in this Recipe
Salmon* (raw) – 100gms
Cooked quinoa (including the mixed peas/carrots/corn) – 4 Tablespoons
Broccoli (Raw) – 100gms. Cut to bits. Pre-cook if you do not like it raw.
Tomato (Raw) – 1 Medium. Diced. Remove seeds before dicing.
White Onion (Raw) – 1 Small / Medium. Diced.
Red Cabbage (Raw) – 100 gms. Diced.
Red Chilli (Raw) – 1 medium/large. Remove seeds. Roughly mince it
Celery – 1 Spring. Roughly mince it.

How to cook Quinoa
It’s pretty much like cooking rice. I like to add maggi’s concentrated chicken stock (1 tablespoon to 100gm of quinoa) to the water, which makes the finished product¬†tastier. Some advocates recommend rinsing quinoa before cooking as the seeds may feel soapy. I find that this depends on the brand of the quinoa you buy, but otherwise it is up to you.

Quinoa Prawn Mix

Quinoa with Mixed Peas, Carrots and Corn. In this version, I have added prawns to cook together with the quinoa. Simple and easy meal,

I also like to add mixed frozen peas/carrots/corn (see above photo) at the onset of the cooking process. After the quinoa is cooked, leave it for a few minutes, and fluff it with a fork. Serve up or pack it for your next meal. Total prep & cooking time 20 minutes.

Final Step
1. Mix the quinoa with all the vegetables (feel free to experiment with any other of your favorite vegetables).
2. Slice the salmon and layer on top of the bowl for presentation
3. Serve up with your favorite asian condiments (mine are sushi soya sauce and seseme oil).
Total time 10 mins. Total Calories 361

Salmon Quinoa Mix


– Above meal portion can be shared between 2 persons if you are a super small eater
– Salmon need not be expansive. Check out the shelves at NTUC (at their normal outlets, not the FINEST or sushi section). Depending on weight, each tray ranges from $6+ to $8+ and can be split from 2 to 3 portions. Prices are also cheaper when the fish is up for clearance. Do not “overkeep” raw fish in the fridge for too long. Consume it as soon as possible or freeze it if you can’t.


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