Napoleon Food & Wine Bar

Napoleon at Telok Ayer is a dark and cosy place to chill out after work and grab a delicious bite if you don’t mind hanging out at the bar and the occasional raucous celebrations happening in the same space.

Oenophiles would be familiar with their wide range of wines delivered through their  Enomatic wine dispenser machines, which make a lovely illuminating display along the length of one side of the room.  The wine comes in tasting portion, half-glass or full glass. Great for sippers and drinkers alike!

The Enomatic wine-dispenser

The Enomatic wine-dispenser

On the opposite side,  the bar counter to comfortably hang out with friends or chat with a fellow diner.  Having dined several times at the bar counters in US restaurants (when the main area is at full house), I am partial to sitting at the bar, and I do like the counter setting here.  It feels more casual and is a great opportunity to people watch, interact with the house and other customers, and catch part of the hustle and bustle.

Bar Counter

The bar counter. Beautiful lighting effect streaming in from the skylight.

Parma Ham Mini Croque Monsieur $9

Parma Ham Mini Croque Monsieur $9

My favorite starter for the evening was the Mini Parma Ham Mini Croque Monsieur (4 pieces). The hot crusty toast coupled with the oozing cheese and savory meat, makes a wonderful treat for the palette. It can make a rather substantial meal for one as well, a steal at $9!

Cheese Platter $26.

Cheese Platter $26.

If you like cheese, their cheese platter $26 makes a great sharing platter with a mix of brie, comte, manchego, blue cheese, saint-nectaire.

Finally, our main dish of the evening, the Chopped Angus Beef Tenderloin Tartare $28. Because the meat is rare, it is important for the establishment to ensure the quality of the ingredients. I was pleased with the fresh colors and sashimi like texture of the meat (similar to tuna). It is easy to overpower the meat with too much seasoning, but in this case I thought it the seasonings (light mustard sauce, egg yolk, onions & capers) was a tad timid. Still, a great dish that I would come back for.

Chopped Angus Beef Tenderloin Tartare $28

Chopped Angus Beef Tenderloin Tartare $28

Overall, I enjoyed the above foods that we tried and there are many more on the list I would not mind coming back to try.

However I am hesitant to cram into one of the floor tables as they are placed too close to each other, making private conversations… er.. less than private.  Also with a celebratory party in the middle of the room (it happened the evening we were there), the rowdiness overpowers the rest of the space making conversation at a normal volume impossible.

My Overall Experience
7/10 (for the food)
6.5/10 (for the environment)

Napoleon Food & Wine Bar
Address : 206 Telok Ayer Street S068641
Tel : 62219282
Email :
Website :
Closed on Sundays


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