Dae Ssik Sin Lunch Menu, Orchard Gateway

Update on 24 Jul ’15 – According to a friend who went there for lunch recently on a weekday, DSS has stopped the lunch menu. They still offer the buffet lunch option, just be prepared to smell of BBQ when you leave the place.


Dae Ssik Sin (under Hanssik) in Orchard Gateway, is popular for their bbq buffet particularly at lunchtime. The restaurant is tucked in a rather spacious corner of Orchard Gateway. The high ceilings and long windows allow for the much needed daylight to brighten the surroundings. DSS was fully occupied when we were there over a weekday lunch, with office workers and students (June hols started).  We were quite pleased to note that they also offer a lunch sets as well, and convincing ourselves not to over-indulge in the buffet, we settled for the sets.

Pork Belly with Squid Set $12.80

Pork Belly with Squid Set $12.80++

Close up of the Pork Belly & Squid

Close up of the Pork Belly & Squid

The Pork Belly & Squid Set $12.80, comes in a hotplate, with rice, kimchi soup, fluffy steamed eggs, kimchi and salad. The portion of the meat overflows the hotplate!  I really liked it with the mix of the Korean chilli paste.  The soft marinated pork belly goes very well with the rice, which is also cooked very well. It was not too wet or too dry, each shiny grain was clearly separated from the rest but not falling apart when you scoop it out with your chopsticks.

Squid Set $11.80

Squid Set $11.80++

The Squid Set $11.80 is essentially the same as the Pork Belly with Squid Set with the rice, eggs, & salad, except that this comes without the Pork Belly :p The size of the squid rings are enormous, and the texture is slightly chewy, with none of that overdone or mushy thing going on. Thumbs up!

Gyeran jjim in a ttukbaegi . Fluffy steamed egg in earthen pot

Gyeran jjim in a ttukbaegi . Fluffy steamed egg in earthen pot

I fell in love with the eggs the moment I had my first mouthful.  Fluffy, light, and slightly savory, served steaming hot in this pretty large pot.  Right at the bottom of the pot, there is thin charred layer of brown, don’t waste it, scrap it off to mix with the rice and sauce from the squid. Yum! The kimchi and salad mini dishes are served chilled and and provides an enjoyable change against the hot eggs and meat. As for the soup, it wasn’t something to my taste. bland, slight sourish, with some shreds of cabbage in it,  I would skip it the next time.

Ramyeon Set with Beef Toppings $6.80 + $2

Ramyun Set with Beef Toppings $6.80 + $2++

The Ramyeon Set comes at $6.80. If you wish to add beef/chicken/pork, it is another $2. Texture-wise, the ramyun seems similar to the Korean instant noodles one gets from the store, and was not cooked to the right “qew-ness”.  My first impression of the beef was it tasted (and texture) just like beef satay. However for this price, it is a pretty good deal for a meal in an Orchard belt restaurant. The lunch sets also come with a free flow of tea or soft drinks (isn’t that a super deal especially with the ramyum?). As the air vent above us was having a blast, we were really glad for the hot tea to keep us warm whilst waiting for the meal to arrive. More lunch sets from their menu below. With Saba fish, bibimbap, etc.

More Lunch Menu Sets

More Lunch Set options

As I mentioned earlier, many come to DSS for the buffet BBQ. It looks like something we might try out the  next time.

DSS Buffet Crowd

Most of the customers having BBQ buffet. Check out the nice high ceilings for ventilation, and big windows for natural lighting.

DSS Buffet Meat Range

Meat lovers paradise

Range of sides

Range of sides

Overall experience : 7.5/10. Value for money in the middle of Orchard.

Dae Ssik Sin Address : #03-17 Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road, S238858 Tel : 67027427 Opening hours: Daily 10am – 10pm Weekday set lunch : 11:30am – 3:30pm BBQ Buffet price : Lunch Adult $14.90++ / Child $8.90++ Dinner, weekend and PH : Adult $24.90++ / Child $18.90++


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