Singaporeaneats in Bali – Pecel Solo (Kuta) & Malo’s (Seminyak)

Beachwalk Shopping Mall

Beachwalk Shopping Mall

Bali.  Beaches, surfing, villas, some touring…. and FOOD. Bali has changed tremendously since my first trip here almost 10 years ago.  There are fewer traditional buildings / old housing in town (unless you get out of the urban areas), traffic jams are the norm, major hotels become landmarks of the place, and there are more non-local food options than ever before. Even Jamie’s Italian found it’s way here, no doubt trying to catch a forkful of the action.

Onwards to Pecel Solo and Malo’s

Pecel Solo at Eat Eat Food Court, Beachwalk Shopping Center (Kuta)

Eat Eat Food Court has stalls representing different foods from the region eg Malaysia, Thailand, Japan etc. Buy the prepaid food court card from a counter at the entrance of the food court, and use it to pay for your purchases at the various stalls. They will refund any unused balance to you.

Eat & Eat Food Court at Beachwalk Shopping Centre, Kuta

Eat & Eat Food Court at Beachwalk Shopping Center, Kuta

We head to the stall offering Javanese food. It seems popular judging from the number of photos flanking both sides of the entrance.

Percel Solo

Percel Solo

Many options to choose from, can be quite bewildering so we asked the staff to recommend

Many options to choose from. Can be quite bewildering so we asked the staff to recommend


Left – Pecel solo, the speciality dish the staff recommended. It may not look spectacular, but the mix of veg and peanut sauce is very shiok. It reminds me of satay sauce with a mix of something sour and spicy. Surprisingly even without meat the dish is quite a meal by itself with the rice.
Middle – Lotong. Gravy is light, can taste the coconut, delicious with the rice.
Right – Crispy Ayam Goreng. Served hot from the fryer. Very nice! Loved the spicy chili sauce too!  Total for the 3 dishes came up to less than SGD$10 (menu here). Super value!

Address: Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 8464888

Malo’s Restaurant at Seminyak

There was a dearth of eating places around where we were staying, so I counted myself quite fortunate when we stumbled on Malo’s.



The staff deliver on friendly and polite service. But be prepared for a fairly long wait for your food if you are ordering the local food items. On the other hand pizza, pastas and steaks seem to reach the table faster (an observation of the neigbouring tables). Menu here.

Pepes Ikan dan Udang (steamed with tuna and prawns).

Pepes Ikan dan Udang

The Pepes Ikan dan Udang (tuna and shrimp cooked in a banana leaf). Very pretty colors. Looks like otah but texture-wise it is very different. More dry and mealy.


Snapper. Lots of butter flavor, just a tad over-cooked as the fish had dried out.  Cucumber slices were bitter.

Nasi Goreng Istimewa

Nasi Goreng Istimewa

Nasi goreng istimewa. Crispy cracker always goes well with a light fried rice and fried egg.  So far, from these meals, I started to gather that the locals prefer to their cooked rice dry.

Address: Jalan Nakula 9, Legian-Kaja, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 730913

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