Bali Bebek Tepi Sawah, Ubud

I heard so much about Bebek Tepi (and reading mixed reviews), I was rather apprehensive about having lunch here. Was it really so good?  Or that bad?

Bebek Tepi's Ducks

Bebek Tepi’s Ducks

Beautiful pond in front of our table

Beautiful pond in front of our table

View of the Padi Field

View of the Padi Field

Surrounded by an open green area, pretty pond and lotuses, with the constant sounds of piped fountain waters, brings a semi-meditation atmosphere. For me, time seemed to have slow down, and I finally started to relax after 2 days in the trip.

Array of condiments. My favorite was the chinchalok mix

Three choices Balinese sambal

Various choices of Balinese sambal that come with the duck meals. My favorite was the chinchalok mix. Sourish and spicy at the same time!

Gado gado.

Gado gado.

Gado gado. Famous Indonesian dish. Fresh vegetables with peanut sauce, a nice warm salad.  Connect with the food by using your hand to mix the sauce in for a change!  (Please wash your hands before that of course)

Fried Duck

Tepi Sawah Crispy Duck Traditional deep fried duck with balinese vegetable

We ordered 3 different versions of the duck. My absolute favorite was the fried version, which is their signature dish. It is really super crispy all the way to the last bite! Very nice with the sauce and rice. Surprisingly not dripping with oil for such a crispy morsel.  Would love to have this again!

Ayam Betutu Balinese smoked chicken with vegetable & steam rice

Ayam Betutu Balinese smoked chicken with vegetable & steam rice

The smoked version is very smooth, more moist (of course), with a nice paste of spices which goes well with the rice as well.

Grilled Duck

Grilled Duck

The grilled duck was nice too, slightly drier than the smoked version. None of these meats were as tough in texture as the hawker centre duck rice versions we get in Singapore.

All in all, if you have have enough people at the table and are adventurous, order one of each and try them all! The restaurant offers other meats as well such as seafood, beef, chicken and pork if you want more than just duck.  Wash it all down with a cold beer or fruit juice.

For me, service was a bit trying with some of the staff (not sure if they were new or it was just a language issue). Just be patient or ask to speak with the more experienced staff if there is a problem with the order.

Bebek Tepi has several establishments now in Bali, the above was based on the experience in Ubud. To find out more about their other outlets go to their website here.

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