Yangon – Bar Boon Dutch Deli and Myanmar’s 1st KFC (Burma)

Hot Sunday morning. We must have trudged through almost every lane in Bogyoke Aung San Market, covering everything from longyi, bridal dresses, multicolored lingerie, pscydelic acrylic art paintings, pottery, utensils, gold, pearls (so expensive), jade (or what looks like it), and white elephants.

Bogyoke Aung Sun Market

Elephant parade

And then, it started to rain. This exacerbated the heat and humidity levels, making it more unbearable. We had news there was newly opened KFC nearby, and chickened out (pun intended) on further attempts to look for local food, making a beeline instead towards the direction of KFC.  En-route we stumbled upon this lovely modern deli called Bar Boon!

Yangon - Bar Boon

Cosy interior. Lots of tourists hiding from the heat & the rain. Free 1 hr wifi too with a purchase. Immediate change of plans!

Good options of light meals ranging from salads to sandwiches & pastries.

Yangon - Bar Boon Menu

We tried the Dutch apple pie served cold and loved the chunks of apples. The strawberry smoothie was cold, rich and not too sweet, we liked it so much that we ordered seconds.

Yangon - Bar Boon

Yangon - Bar Boon

Chilled Myanmar Beer. Great for a hot day.

After a suitably nice rest, we crossed over to KFC to check out the crowd. Long queues, full  tables and crowd control security.  The non-stop queues are the envy of many outlets in the Western world where health concerns have prevented many from making unhealthy food choices.

Cosy brick wall decor, spacious and clean seating

Yangon (Myanmar) - First KFC

Catering to Asians – Rice Box and Portuguese Egg Tarts

Yangon (Myanmar) - First KFC

Rice is a great idea for asian menus. Something that took too many years to get on the menu in Asia.   Years ago,  I encountered an elderly guy with a KFC counter staff because the menu did not offer rice. He ranted at her, “This is Asia! How can you not serve rice! Or is it because you think I have no money to pay for the food!”

Well. Turns out Mr Uncle was right on the dot.

Bar Boon
Address: just outside FMI Center, 380 Bo Gyoke Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Phone:+95 9 42032 1058
Web : http://www.barboon.nl/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarBoonMyanmar

KFC (Just ask around the shop owners at Bogyoke Market if you are lost)
No. 375 Bogyoke Aung San Road, Pabedan Township
Yangon, Myanma

Bogyoke Aung Sun Market (closed on Mondays)


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