Sharky’s at Dhamazedi, Yangon (Burma, Myanmar)

Foie gras on beef? Why… YES PLEASE!

01 Sharky's Tenderloin with Foie Gras

Upon a friend’s recommendation, we looked forward to lunch all throughout the long and slow train journey on Yangon’s Circular Train, hopping off midway at a station and cabbing it down.

Walking through the gates of Sharky’s reminds me of Alice Water’s Chez Panisse. Not so much for the building, but similar brown tones and the warmth and welcoming atmosphere as you walk past the rustic outdoor patio and head into the colonial style building.

The staff leads us pass the artisanal picks and tubs of homemade ice-cream (all made in-house) and upstairs to a spacious and cosy space, complete with high ceilings, wooden floors and comfortable low chairs.

02 Sharky's Decor

03 Sharky's 2nd Level

A cup of warm green salad greets us, it is a nice change from chilled salads, and gives the diner a chance to “taste from the earth”.

04 Sharky's - Welcome Salad

05 Sharky's Chicken Liver Pate

Chicken liver pate, a bottle of homemade goodness! Here it is more of a medium mince, which gives it a nice homemade feeling. The savoury meaty taste comes more alive when paired with the pickle slices (comes with slices of toast as well).

06 Sharky's - Pork Cheek Salad

Pork cheek salad. I was surprised how good it was!  Tender fatty slices tossed with warm salad and buttefly pea flowers with their vivid blue color. Gorgeous!

07 Sharky's - Grilled aubergine with cream cheese

Grilled aubergine with cream cheese. This was a recommended vegan-friendly platter (I like eggplants). The concept is interesting, but I thought the grilling was a tad over done and taste was on the bland side. Nonetheless, it is probably one of the more interesting options for vegetarians at the restaurant.

The pièce de résistanceTenderloin with foie gras! The sous vide beef medallions are super tender, and taste enhanced from the fatty piece of foie gras cuddling the meat.

08 Sharky's Tenderloin with Foie Gras

09 Sharky's Menu

Finishing off the meal, we tried the ice-cream. It is not super milky, rather on the light side. Depending on how you like your ice-cream, this may or may not suit your palette.

10 Sharky's - homemade ice-cream

Sharky’s is pricey, but for the excellent quality of food, in our opinion, is worth a splurge on.  For us, it is much more affordable than what we would have had to pay back home for the same quality.  If you enjoy wine, Sharky’s also offers a very decent selection and is served nicely chilled (for the whites).

Sharky’s (at Dhamazedi Road)
Address : 117 Dhamazedi Road, Kamaryut Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel : 0951 524677 / 373009

More about Mr. Ye Htut Win here, the man behind the concept


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