Kosan 19th Street Snack and Bar – Yangon (Burma, Myanmar)

The name Kosan brings to mind Khao San in Bangkok.  Located in the busiest food street (with the best grilled fish) in Chinatown, it is super budget friendly for the typical backpacker.


The US$1 (at this point of writing) deal for Mojito and Caiprinha is an unbeatable deal! Between the 2, I much preferred the Mojito.

Kosan Mojito

It was served chilled, sour and very refreshing. A very nice change from the frustration of haggling with cab drivers in hot and humid Yangon.  (During the few days, we only met 1 cabby who agreed to the usual market rate and had the mistaken impression the local cabbies are honest. It was not to be.  Thereafter every cabbie would quote some ridiculous price and / or not drop us off at the exact location.  If you are not familiar with the city, I would advice you to get a map or have data ready to check your online maps!)

Kosan’s menu offers lots of snacking options and super affordable backpacker prices.

Kosan Menu

The food is basic, but no complaints at this price range.

Chips & salsa. A bit oily, good to line the stomach with before the drinks start!

Kosan -Chips and Salsa

The sausages have a clean bite and goes well with the mustard dip (skip the sour cucumber pieces).

Kosan Pork Sausage

The kebabs are very dry though. Maybe skip this one.

Kosan - Kebab

All the tables were occupied, so the server offered table sharing at the far end of a long table with 3 backpacker type millenials.

Throughout the evening, the ang moh youngsters were trying to impress each other, maybe to get lucky that night. They were boasting about their time and understanding of the Asian culture after short working stints in the region (I don’t think 3 months count lah…). We almost cracked up was when the sole young chap told the 2 girls  that Orchard Road is filled with secret police (apparently the police raided his friend’s place during his stay in Singapore)! We wondered what his friend was up to to warrant such a visit in the first place!

Kosan 19th St Snack Bar (Yangon)
Address : No.108, 19th Street, Latha Township (Beer Bar Street), Yangon 111-31, Myanmar
Tel : 01-503232


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