Yangon International Airport. Departure Hall Guide – What to do & where to eat.

(This post is based on my experience to Yangon International Airport in August 2015. There were some expansion projects whilst we were passing through.)

First stop when entering the Departure hall. Some bank counters if you want to change the balance of your Kyets before leaving the country. However if you are planning to have a bite, my advice is to keep it for the meal, then change the balance afterward. There are more money changers upstairs.  You’ll understand why I make this recommendation further down this post.

01 - Yangon Airport

On the left, make your way towards a “bamboo” looking entrance which leads to the check-in counter.

02 - Yangon Airport Check In

Done with the check in? Time to explore the rest the place. Up the escalator we go. Very nice painting.

03 - Yangon Airport

This is the 2nd level where the shops, cafes and boarding gates are located

04 Yangon Airport - Level 2

VIP Lounges

05 - Yangon Airport VIP Lounge.JPG

Massage chair for tired feet. Better to wear your socks first for hygiene purpose.

06 Yangon Airport - Foot Massage

There are 2 cafes on this level. The bigger one is Espace.

10 Yangon Airport - Espace Cafe 2

Sorry no wifi. Only for staff. The Airport one doesn’t work either.

09 Yangon Airport - Espace Cafe 1

Coffee and fruit juices.

11 Yangon Airport - Espace Cafe Menu

12 Yangon Airport - Espace Cafe Menu.JPG

Standard fare and local food. And beer, of course

13 Yangon Airport - Espace Cafe Menu

14 Yangon Airport - Espace Cafe Menu

15 Yangon Airport - Espace Cafe Menu

Our order of wine and coffee. The house white was not bad.

16 Yangon Airport - Espace Cafe Drinks

Shan tofu, stir fried spicy pork rice set, & noodles that looked more like pasta.  My favorite was the spicy pork rice set. Noodles was ok. Was so hungry we ate everything.

17 Yangon Airport - Espace Cafe Shan Tofu

18 Yangon Airport - Espace Cafe Pasta

18 Yangon Airport - Espace Cafe Rice with Spicy Pork Stir Fry and Egg

IMPORTANT – During payment at Espace, the staff wrote down our items on a piece of paper and seemed to pluck the price from air (no reference to the menu etc). We assumed he was correct. However, as we had not enough Kyets (after changing most of it at the money counter earlier) we wanted to settle the rest in SGD.   Then the staff did a complicated conversion from Kyets to USD, then from USD to SGD and ended up super inflating the amount we had to pay vs a direct conversion instead.  Figuring that either he was confused or trying to rip us off, I asked for a recalculation from scratch. The total in Kyets differed from the first time! This time I did the conversion and it was at least $10 less!  Without a proper payment tracking system I wondered if the staff have been ripping off customers and pocketing the money!  Unless the system has changed since I would strongly advice you to record your own items, keep your Kyets to pay here (and change the balance at the money exchange outside the cafe afterward) and always double check your exchange rate if you are not paying in Kyets.

One more smaller cafe next to Espace and some of the shops for last minute souvenirs.

08 - Yangon Airport Small Cafe

07 Yangon Airport 2nd Level Shops

Ok, off to the boarding gate.  There are sponsored charging stations around but it didn’t work when I tried plugging my usb cord in. Not sure if it only certain outlets worked or it excludes iOS devices.  Bring a portable power bank just in case, if you want to continue Level 999 of Candy Crush … 🙂

22 Yangon Airport - Boarding Gate Charging Point

21 Yangon Airport - Boarding Gate Waiting Area


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