Akashi Japanese Restaurant (Paragon)

We came to Akashi for a weekend dinner, and instead of struggling to decide what dishes to order, after discussion with one of the senior staff, we decided to let the chef decide on a on-the-spot omakase with a budget we pre-agreed on.

Each of us had individual servings of what you will see further down, except for the big fish and fried rice that was shared between the 3 of us.


For starters we had edamame and a salad with some crispy fish.

Akashi 02

Nice plumb slices of sashimi for sashimi #1. Look at that pretty presentation!

Akashi 03

This was a very interesting presentation of sashimi #2.  Makes it very artistic.

Akashi 04

Akashi 05

California rolls. I liked the bits of roes bursting in my mouth.

Akashi 06

Grilled eel with Japanese style omelette (Unagi with Tamagoyaki) Sushi

Akashi 07

Yakotori stick with poached egg

Akashi 08

Grilled fish and squid

Akashi 09

Finishing with fried rice (by this time, we were super full).

Akashi 10

Akashi 01

We ended up with many tasty dishes and a fun experience for less than $100 per head. This was by no means a budget friendly meal, however we got many more dishes as compared to some of the other omakase options in town area. Akashi also serves value set lunches on weekdays (much more affordable). It is a popular place so reservations are recommended.

Akashi Japanese Restaurant (Paragon)
The Paragon
290 Orchard Road, #B1-01
The Paragon, Singapore 238859

Tel: 6735 8887
Lunch 1130am to 3pm
Dinner 6pm to 11pm

Website http://akashigroup.com.sg/


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