Omakase at Yuzu (Holland Village). A taste of Japan’s Autumn

After the very elegant lunch set experience at Yuzu in October, I came back with a friend to try out their kaiseki-style omakase.

Chef Takahashi Tadashi (previously from Hashi Japanese Restaurant)
Yuzu 02 Chef Takahashi Tadashi

There are 3 main options offered for dinner – two omakase sets ($120/6 courses; $170/7 courses) and a sushi omakase ($150). During the Summer and Autumn seasons in Japan, there is an special sushi omakase ($250).

Yuzu 22 Omakase Menu
We had called a week earlier to pre-select the $150 set with a sake to share and was pleasantly surprised that Chef had personally set aside the selected sake when we arrived that evening.

Yuzu 01 Sake Cups

After “bag” baskets were provided to place our bags next to our seats, a selection of pretty sake cups was offered. Then the parade of food began.

First up the chilled appetizer of fresh prawns in Japanese persimmon on a bed of lightly simmered green vegetables topped with sesame paste.

Yuzu 03

Then Autumn officially announces it’s arrival with this beautiful platter of  traditional orange hues (from the ikura and umi), with the bountiful harvest of rice crops, sweet potato, yam and ginko nuts.

Yuzu 04 Autumn


Yuzu 05 Deep Fried Uni in Seaweed

The umi is first rolled into a sheet of seaweed and then fried before serving. Lovely!


Yuzu 06 Ikura with Silver fish

Ikura resting on a bed of white fish (I think it’s shirasu)


Yuzu 07 Tako with Yuzu Sauce

A small bit of squid in mixed sauce of miso and yuzu.


Sashimi Parade starts here. Unfortunately I cannot remember most of their names, just makan and enjoy lah!

Yuzu 08 sashimi

  All the cuts of Tuna & Scallop Sashimi
Yuzu 09
Yuzu 10 Otoro
  Eggplant in chilled miso gelatin
Yuzu 11

Then the Sushi Parade starts.

Yuzu 13 Geo Duck

Geo Duck Sushi

Yuzu 12 Black Throat Fish

Black Throat Sushi. First try. Surprisingly fat & tasty.

Yuzu 14 Chu Toro Sushi

Chu Toro Sushi

Yuzu 15 Uni Sushi

Uni Sushi (bite sized)

Yuzu 16 Unagi Fresh Eel Sushi

Freshwater Eel Sushi. Lighter than the usual heavily marinated ones.

Here comes the rice wrap, usually signifying the end of the meal (however don’t worry there are a few more delightful surprises in store!)

Even the rice wrap itself has a surprise inside!  First bite of the top (do not put any sauce to enjoy the sweetness of the ikura).

Yuzu 17 Rice Wrap

Oh! What do we see here? Maguro for the 2nd bite of the wrap! Now you can dip it with the sauce.

Yuzu 18 Rice Wrap

Oh! There is still a sweet piece of Tamagoyaki!

Yuzu 19 Tamagoyaki

And a deep earthy broth (not miso). I liked this very much 🙂

Yuzu 20 Japanese Soup

And finally the spread of desserts. Crushed ice with grapes, yuzu ice-cream and mochi (eat from left to right).

Yuzu 21 Dessert

It was a very good first time experience for me as a first time in kaiseki-style omakase. There was 2 gregarious ladies next to us, who were clearly regulars of Chef Tadashi, and we had fun interacting with each throughout the evening.  So we left the place full and satisfied.

YUZU Japanese Restaurant
Address : 6A Lorong Mambong (2nd floor), Holland Village, S277673
Tel : +6564632016
Website :

Opening Hours
Lunch 12:00pm – 03:00pm
Dinner 06:00pm – 11:00pm
Closed on Mondays.


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