Exciting dinner Cove99

Cove99 came highly recommended by friends for quality Chinese cuisine so we give it a try over the weekend. Conveniently located in Tanjong Pagar (walking distance from MRT Station), nestled within the rows of shop houses.

Entrance Interior

Inside, it looks nice and new, and pretty much clean (always a good sign). I liked the oriental furnishings, particularly the chinosire colors desgined. At the corner, in place of a enclosed private room, wooden dividers provide privacy and space for larger groups of diners.

XO Sauce Jelly Fish Head

We started with the famous XO Sauce Jelly Fish Head. Having read several raving reviews of this dish online, I was taken aback at how super salty this was (even for a salt mine like me). Texture wise though, I have to give double thumbs up for the super “bite” that I have never experienced with other jelly fish dishes.
Fried Salmon Fish Skin

Hands down this is the thinnest non-oily fried salmon skin I’ve ever had. The fried curry leaves give it a slight curry smell. All the hungry mouths wiped out the 2 plates we ordered in record time!


Geoduck Sashimi and Hotpot

There was a promotion for the geoduck sashimi / hotpot that evening so we give it try. The presentation is amazing! The geoduck is sliced and layered out on a long bed of ice. You can enjoy it as fresh sashimi (wasabi and soya sauce provide) or simmer in amazing broth.
Geoduck Sashimi

I choose to take my raw to enjoy the full freshness of it. I liked the bite and flavour (imo, something like abalone). The soup (which I took separately) was amazingly good.

Fried Geoduck Innards

For the insides of the geoduck, it’s done up just like calamari. It makes it look much more appetizing! It does have the texture & savoury taste of calamari too once its breaded and browned. Yum!

Homemade Braised Beancurd with Shimeji Mushrooms

This Homemade Braised Beancurd with Shimeji Mushroon was unexpectedly one of my favorite dishes that night. Somehow the soft curd inside had incorporated the delicious savoury stock making it immensely flavourful.

Beef Medallions with Bok Choy & Bonito

Very tender bite-sized Beef Medallions. Not sure why it was covered with bonito flakes. Bok choy was done well and prettily presented. I’m not a fan of bok choy (some places boil it to death) but this was not bad.

The piece de resistance that evening was the Salt Crusted Chicken present flambe style. We were first curious why the service brought a shot glass and light in with the chicken. After he doused the bird with alcohol and set it on fire, the leaping flames created quite an excitement at the table

Flaming Salt Crust Chicken

After the crust is chipped away with a golden hammerpiece, the package opens up to a delicious herbal chicken which is soon expertly sliced and dished up in to our bowls with helpings of that delicious herbal soup. Thumbs up for this dish!

Sri Lankan Crab with Beehoon

Alaksan crab is also on their menu but quite pricey so we went for the Sri Lankan ones instead. Whilst I prefer Melben’s for the their crab bee hoon, Cove99 does a good job of presenting this dish. Crabs were fresh (no strange tank smell) and meaty, even the shell had a decent amount of roe 🙂

Chilled Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Ice cream

If you are a fan of black glutinous rice, you might like their Chilled Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut ice-cream. Surprisingly not too heavy, and a nice finish to the end of the whole night’s indulgence.


Cove 99
Address : 72 Peck Seah Street, 079329
Phone: +65 6224 0991
Email: reservations@cove99.com
Opening hours (Mon – Sun)
Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner 5:30pm – 10:30pm
Web : http://www.cove99.com

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