WooBar, W Hotel (Sentosa, Singapore) – A Lost Reservation and Lost Appetites.

Woo Bar Hi Tea

The delightfully enticing pictures of caged goodies for WooBar’s hi tea certainly did their job in persuading us to go all the way down to Sentosa to check it out. Unfortunately our contacts had not been there before, or we certainly would not have.

First, a Lost Reservation.

Because I was in-between schedules, I decided to pop by an hour earlier to get some work down. I was asked twice by the person-in-charge if I had a reservation as they couldn’t find the name. I was starting to feel as if I had lied about the reservation.  When I confirmed that the reservation was indeed made (called my friend on the spot to check), he said that they checked the call records and it wasn’t there. Eh?

Anyway since there were still empty tables they gave me one and I settled in with a cocktail. Thankfully this Lemongrass Drop cocktail was really rather nice. Lemongrassy indeed.

W Hotel Lemongrass Drop


The hi tea starts promptly at 3pm. By 245pm, the place was full (either with guests that had checked out or reservations made earlier).  For those who ordered the hi tea, huge bird cages are delivered to the tables. An explanation is given for all the items but personally I think it would be better if they could have a print out for the table as some of the items had to paired with other items and we really couldn’t remember which was which after 15 minutes.

Woo Bar Hi Tea Bird Cage

Personally, although the items look very pretty,  I didn’t enjoy most of them. Maybe because I’m not a sweet tooth person, but somehow it felt like it came off the buffet tray line. It was either not rich enough, or tart enough, or cheesy enough (the cream cheese was weak) or fresh/chilled enough.

Woo Bar Hi Tea


(The mahjong tile made of chocolate was one of the saving grace. Caramel filling was thick and salty)

Woo Bar Mahjong Tile Chocolate


Thankfully there was a savory portion to the high tea. The crab cake was decent (although the mango chutney was weak). Meatball was on the dry and tougher side (but still better than the sweets).

Woo Bar Crab Cake


The place itself is very nice. Bright and chill space, music that brings me back to beaches in Thailand & Bali. But if I ever come back again, from what I saw from the other tables, I’ll stick to their bites menu instead. Their chicken wings and burgers looked like a much better option.

. Woo Bar




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