Maki So Shiok! Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

I have been seeing so many droolicious pics on the Shiok Maki, the signature dish from Koh Grill & Sushi Bar and was pleased to finally get to try it last week! Thankfully we escaped the long waiting line by arriving just at the start of a weekday lunchtime. Still it was already pretty full house when we got a table.

01 Shiok Maki Generation 1

We started with the highly recommended Shiok Maki Generation 1 ($16.80) Now I understand what the craze is all about!

Creamy & rich in the mouth with a a touch of smokey flavor from the torched mayonaise. Inspite of the rich sauce, the salmon still comes across as fresh and fatty. Biting into one of these plump morsels with the crunchy roe is a lovely mid-day treat. There is also another version of the Shiok Maki (gen 2) with grilled unagi but we decided to save this treat for the next visit.

02 Asparagus Buta Special

My other favorite dish was the Asparagus Buta Special ($10). The thinly fried & crunchy asparagus with fatty crisp pork belly… doused and casually lying on a bed of garlic. Mmmm… I have to say though, if you are stickler of fat juicy sticks of asparagus, this might not go down well with you.

03 Gyoza (Chicken)

The Chicken Gyoza was fried nicely and served hot. Considering the price of $6, it’s not a bad deal (I’ve had much worse ones). It also comes with a spicy salty dip. For heat-seeking food lovers, don’t miss trying the sauce.

04 Buta Moyahshi

I found the Buta Moyahshi ($6) very salty but it was otherwise crunchy enough. Ask for less salt.

05 Yaki Udon

The Yaki Udon here is on the sweet side (tastes of okonomiyaki sauce) although the texture is good. I much prefer the chinese-style (i.e. savory) ones, so it’s not something I will order again.

06 Garlic Fried Rice

As for the Garlic Fried Rice, I also found nothing particularly special, but it was done alright and at $5 it’s a pretty good space filler.

07 Chawanmushi

A spot of smooth Chawanmushi ($5), quite light on the palate at the end of a heavy meal.

08 Counter

Look at all the glistening pieces!

09 Koh Grill

Nice cosy space at the corner of a foodcourt. It was really rather unexpected and I hope to be back again soon!


Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
435 Orchard Road
#04-21 Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
Tel : 9180 3805

Hours Sun-Thu: 11.30am-10pm / Fri -Sat: 11.30am-10.45pm


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