Disgruntled Chef at Ann Siang

Disgruntled Chef at Ann Siang is very lovely place in one of my favorite parts of town. I love this area for its unique feel straddling between the towering modern CBD buildings and the traditional post-war shophouses and Chinatown.

Stepping into Disgruntled Chef feels very posh, like a private club. At the same time, it is very cosy and inviting. There is a also a beautiful private dining space in their lower floor that can sit 12 people comfortably.

01a Disgruntled Chef - Private Room

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Omakase at Yuzu (Holland Village). A taste of Japan’s Autumn

After the very elegant lunch set experience at Yuzu in October, I came back with a friend to try out their kaiseki-style omakase.

Chef Takahashi Tadashi (previously from Hashi Japanese Restaurant)
Yuzu 02 Chef Takahashi Tadashi

There are 3 main options offered for dinner – two omakase sets ($120/6 courses; $170/7 courses) and a sushi omakase ($150). During the Summer and Autumn seasons in Japan, there is an special sushi omakase ($250).

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Creamy Cauliflower with Mushroom Soup

00 Creamy Cauliflower with Mushroom Soup
I have adapted this soup from brooklynhomemaker.

I love the twist using roasted cauliflower. In addition to giving the soup a thick texture without having to use milk or cream  (think healthy!) roasting adds another layer of flavor to the soup.  It is also vegan-friendly (stock can be replaced by vegan stock base) which means you can make it for a larger base of friends.

In this recipe the following ingredients were used:

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Beng Hiang Hokkien Restaurant

I was only recently brought to this place by friends and wondered why they did not tell me about it earlier… I think they wanted to keep the secret to themselves!

Beng Hiang - Dining Space

I love how they still keep the typical old school Chinese restaurant furnishings. Even the the entrance frames and screens were brought over from their previous location at Amoy.

02 Beng Hiang - Entrance

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ゆず Yuzu Japanese Restaurant (Lunch Set)

In spite of visiting this area several times this year, I had not once noticed the inconspicuous door leading up to this airy, peaceful and modern zen-like Japanese Restaurant.  There is no signboard or street advertisement that hints of this hidden place on the 2nd floor of the shophouse (Hint : near 7-Eleven Holland Village).

Yuzu 01 - Sushi Counter
Around the sushi counter.

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Buona Terra Italian Restaurant (Singapore Restaurant Week 2015)

As part the recent Singapore Restaurant Week, we visited the lovely Buona Terra for lunch. Owned by the TCC Group, the restaurant is set within a lovely colonial bungalow (shared with Ki-sho) hidden along Scotts Road. Surrounding the walls, is a mini garden with squirrels frolicking about.

Elegantly set tables awaited us after we strolled past the rows of excellent wines at the entrance.

Buona Terra 01 - Table Setting

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District 10 Bar & Grill (Suntec) for Quality Dry-Aged Beef

My first taste of District 10 was back in 2009, when it was tucked away in a charming corner of Winstedt Road. I remember being impressed with that afternoon’s fish & chips  (and the nice place), that I came back again for their burgers and roast pork belly

District 10 at Winstedt Road taken in 2009. I can't believe I found my photos!

District 10 at Winstedt Road taken in 2009. I can’t believe I found these pics!

Since then, District 10 has moved and expanded to various locations and types of food, with District 10 Bar & Grill (at Suntec) being the latest addition to the family, focusing on dry-aged beef and a simple menu of gourmet Italian eats.

Outdoor seating of District 10 Suntec

Outdoor seating of District 10 Suntec

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Dancing Crab, Orchard Central

Having heard so much about this place, I was very excited to finally have a go at it as a pre-birthday treat with some friends. Fortunately we managed to get a booking for the 2nd seating as the place runs on a full house!

01 Dancing Crab - Entrance

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Tuk Tuk Cha at Suntec

I have to confess that I am totally not someone with a sweet tooth.  Walking past attractively colored macaroons, luscious fresh looking cakes and globs of glistening ice-cream, does not nothing to tempt me to try it (you can trust me with your stash of sweets!).

So it was with initial hesitancy when I eyed the dessert-sounding items on Tuk Tuk Cha’s menu. Thank goodness I was wrong!

The first item we went for was the Golden Toast with Condensed Milk & Milo (sounds very OTT doesn’t it?). It turned out to be more savory than sweet!  The mix of the freshly air-fried bread (served warm) with the condensed milk was a very good match, and personally, I was very surprised to enjoy the mix and match of flavors.

Tuk Tuk Cha Golden Toast with Condensed Milk & Milo

Tuk Tuk Cha Golden Toast with Condensed Milk & Milo $3.80

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Akashi Japanese Restaurant (Paragon)

We came to Akashi for a weekend dinner, and instead of struggling to decide what dishes to order, after discussion with one of the senior staff, we decided to let the chef decide on a on-the-spot omakase with a budget we pre-agreed on.

Each of us had individual servings of what you will see further down, except for the big fish and fried rice that was shared between the 3 of us.


For starters we had edamame and a salad with some crispy fish.

Akashi 02

Nice plumb slices of sashimi for sashimi #1. Look at that pretty presentation!

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