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Maki So Shiok! Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

I have been seeing so many droolicious pics on the Shiok Maki, the signature dish from Koh Grill & Sushi Bar and was pleased to finally get to try it last week! Thankfully we escaped the long waiting line by … Continue reading

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Ramen Keisuke Kani King (Cineleisure

After reading seeing ravishing reviews online but getting less than glowing feedback from friends who went there, this place piqued my curiosity. For one, I have not tried crab stock based ramen soup before, and wondering how it would compare vs … Continue reading

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Omakase at Yuzu (Holland Village). A taste of Japan’s Autumn

After the very elegant lunch set experience at Yuzu in October, I came back with a friend to try out their kaiseki-style omakase. Chef Takahashi Tadashi (previously from Hashi Japanese Restaurant) There are 3 main options offered for dinner – … Continue reading


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ゆず Yuzu Japanese Restaurant (Lunch Set)

In spite of visiting this area several times this year, I had not once noticed the inconspicuous door leading up to this airy, peaceful and modern zen-like Japanese Restaurant.  There is no signboard or street advertisement that hints of this hidden … Continue reading

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Inaho’s Kitchen Bar, Duxton Road

It is easy to walk past Inaho’s Kitchen Bar with it’s inconspicuous signage and dark flight of stairs. However once inside, I am flung back to an izakaya in Japan, complete with sarariman, sake list, and specials scrawled on the … Continue reading

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Excuse Me, Where is the Rice? A Healthy, Fuss-Free & Pretty Alternative to Salmon Don

If you had too much of eating outside for the week, avoiding carbs and hate the usual diets meant for cows, check this savory yet healthy alternative (easy on the pocket too) to detox. Singaporeaneats Salmon Quinoa Mix How to … Continue reading

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Japanese Lunch Set at Tburu, Orchard Gateway

The recently opened Tburu is not easily spotted from the ground level of Orchard.  If it wasn’t for the huge banner located at the entrance of Orchard Central@Emerald, we would not have stumbled open this zen-like, elegant restaurant. The layout of … Continue reading

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Nantsuttei for Black Mayu Ramen

I was glad to find out that Nantsuttei was near enough to pop by during lunch, and since it is supposed to be very popular, we decided to give it a go.   Apparently there is a long queue during dining hours, … Continue reading

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Hana-Hana, by Teppei

After my not-so-recent indulgence at Sushi Sho in Tokyo (すし匠) for their AMAZING limited lunch set Bara-Chirashi Don (only 20 sets a day),  I was really looking forward to finding a similar fix in Singapore. Much has been said about the Omakase … Continue reading

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Keisuke Tokyo Ramen (Suntec)

What I liked about the ramen here at Keisuke Suntec: 1. Options for crab & fish (Niboshi) based soup. One of the dishes I’ve missed since embarking on a healthier eating plan is ramen, because of the stock. I opted … Continue reading

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