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Yangon International Airport. Departure Hall Guide – What to do & where to eat.

(This post is based on my experience to Yangon International Airport in August 2015. There were some expansion projects whilst we were passing through.) First stop when entering the Departure hall. Some bank counters if you want to change the balance … Continue reading

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Kosan 19th Street Snack and Bar – Yangon (Burma, Myanmar)

The name Kosan brings to mind Khao San in Bangkok.  Located in the busiest food street (with the best grilled fish) in Chinatown, it is super budget friendly for the typical backpacker. The US$1 (at this point of writing) deal for … Continue reading

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Sharky’s at Dhamazedi, Yangon (Burma, Myanmar)

Foie gras on beef? Why… YES PLEASE! Upon a friend’s recommendation, we looked forward to lunch all throughout the long and slow train journey on Yangon’s Circular Train, hopping off midway at a station and cabbing it down. Walking through the … Continue reading

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Yangon Circular Train

One of the unique experiences for the traveller to Yangon, is a ride on the Yangon Circle Line. At just US$1, you will get to see another aspect of local life and the countryside. Just be prepared that it is … Continue reading

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Zephyr Coffee & Restaurant, Inya Lake (Yangon, Burma, Myanmar)

Zephyr is not easily visible from the main road. You have to enter through via the Sein Lann So Pyay Gardens (a fee of 400kyat? is required to access), which is a huge garden compound surrounding the large and idyllic Inya Lake. Take … Continue reading

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Yangon – Bar Boon Dutch Deli and Myanmar’s 1st KFC (Burma)

Hot Sunday morning. We must have trudged through almost every lane in Bogyoke Aung San Market, covering everything from longyi, bridal dresses, multicolored lingerie, pscydelic acrylic art paintings, pottery, utensils, gold, pearls (so expensive), jade (or what looks like it), and white … Continue reading

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Yangon (Burma, Myanmar) 999 Shan Noodles

Having been awake since 5am to catch the early morning flight into Yangon, getting through a patiently waiting line at customs and clearing the business-as-usual city jam, we were so thankful to be able to grab a quick bite 6 hours … Continue reading

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Yangon (Burma, Myanmar) Street Food – A Visual Buffet

In Yangon city, there are endless roadside food stalls selling fried snacks to sweet drinks, creating a literal buffet line from one end of the city to the other. Locals enjoy their tea, snacks and small bites throughout the day during … Continue reading

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Yangon City Streets (Burma, Myanmar) – Fruits and Vegetables

If you visit the Chinatown area of Yangon, there are lots of fruits and vegetable stalls with a huge variety of colorful offerings. Some of the fruits come from neighboring China (for instance the super large peaches and apples). Many … Continue reading

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