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Disgruntled Chef at Ann Siang

Disgruntled Chef at Ann Siang is very lovely place in one of my favorite parts of town. I love this area for its unique feel straddling between the towering modern CBD buildings and the traditional post-war shophouses and Chinatown. Stepping into Disgruntled Chef … Continue reading

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Hana-Hana, by Teppei

After my not-so-recent indulgence at Sushi Sho in Tokyo (すし匠) for their AMAZING limited lunch set Bara-Chirashi Don (only 20 sets a day),  I was really looking forward to finding a similar fix in Singapore. Much has been said about the Omakase … Continue reading

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Catalunya, Singapore

I was quite excited to check this place out with friends after viewing pages of delicious food feeds of Catalunya, Singapore. We came down on a Wednesday night (their new ladies nights), featuring 1-for-1 cocktails for ladies, followed by a … Continue reading

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Keisuke Tokyo Ramen (Suntec)

What I liked about the ramen here at Keisuke Suntec: 1. Options for crab & fish (Niboshi) based soup. One of the dishes I’ve missed since embarking on a healthier eating plan is ramen, because of the stock. I opted … Continue reading

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Kko Kko Na Ra (Tanjong Pagar)

I love Korean food, especially the hotplates/BBQ. When I heard about the Bo Samm at this place from friends, I had to give it a go. Bo Saam (steam pork). Nice texture (without being too chewy) with crunch. Wish it came … Continue reading

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