Office worker by day. Makan heroine by night.

I started with sharing food pics with friends for many years before sharing this passion on Instagram, and then branching out to more sharing platforms.

For on-the-go food updates, you can find me on Instagram @singaporeaneats and Facebook as Singaporean Eats (singaporeaneats) 🙂

Here we go…

Most locals and long-time residents in Singapore are likely each will have an opinion on which is the best food around town. Talking about food tends to be a great ice-breaker here.

And everyone has a different take on what is great, and what is not. Often, it is a result of early tastes and experience. Childhood, family traditions, travels.

So, after many years of documenting food with photos, I am finally attempting to document some of my own food experiences here.

In the words of Ruth Reichel (former Food Editor at New York Times),

“There is no right or wrong in the matters of taste,” I said. “It’s just an opinion. And in the case of restaurants, an extremely subjective one, given that no one has the faintest idea if what you taste when you bite into an apple is the same thing that I do.”
Disclaimer – I do not sign with and am not affiliated with any blog advertising community. There may be the occasional invitation / hosting, which I will make mention in the post.  Opinions posted are personal (or of fellow makan kakis).

Final Note – I/We pay for my food and put in the effort to manage the photos and write-ups. So if you / your company would like to re-post any of the food photos / blogs, please contact me at singaporeaneats [at] gmail.com to ask before doing so.


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  1. Hungry says:

    Nice, I like the word “makan heroine”


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