Inaho’s Kitchen Bar, Duxton Road

00 Entrance

It is easy to walk past Inaho’s Kitchen Bar with it’s inconspicuous signage and dark flight of stairs. However once inside, I am flung back to an izakaya in Japan, complete with sarariman, sake list, and specials scrawled on the daily specials notice board.

Inaho is a very small setting, that accommodates about 20 pax+.  Sitting at the counter gives us a chance to interact with the lovely proprietress, Miho san. She makes a recommendation for the evening’s sake based on my general preferences. The Oyama (half bottle), is the perfect amount of dryness, and affordable at $30.

01 - sake bar

The sake is placed in a mini ice bin and keeps it nicely chilled throughout  the meal.

Food is simple and non-fancy (no gourmet stuff here), with the heart-warming feeling that it is home-cooked. Perfect bites with our conversations in the kitchen.

We start with complimentary appetizer

We start with the appetizer of the day. Delicious and refreshing.

04 shirasu myoga

The Shirasu Myoga $10. Silvery savory bits, very refreshing.

Gyutan Shioyaki (Beef Tongue) $17.

Gyutan Shioyaki (Beef Tongue) $17.

The beef tongue is smooth, tender and not over done, delicious. Must squeeze that lemon 🙂 Even my friend who shuns offal gave this dish a thumbs up.

Ika Mayo Ponzu $13

Ika Mayo Ponzu $13

The Ika Mayo Ponzu was hands down our favorite dish that night.  We loved the grated radish infused with citrussy ponzu sauce, complimenting the lightly cooked fresh squid.

Chorizo $9

Chorizo $9

Arima Chicken $12

Arima Chicken $12

Pork and Leek Itame $14

Pork and Leek Itame $14

The Pork and Leek Itame was another favorite of mine, although a tad salty and would have been great with a bowl of rice. The thinly slicked pork strips was tender and fatty, served with a generous dose of leeks.

I am looking forward to dropping by again soon!  またね!!!

My Overall Experience 8/10

Inaho’s Kitchen Bar
Address : 60A Duxton Road, S089524
Tel : +65 90906948 / +65 62220852

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat: 6pm – 1pm
Closed: Sun & PH

Some notes
1. Do speak in an appropriate volume with your fellow diner(s) to allow the rest of the diners to enjoy their own conversations. Speaking loudly is rude and makes it difficult for the rest of the diners in the enclosed area  to hear each other.
2. A seat = real estate space = business cost. I don’t think it is nice to sit there for more than 1 hour waiting for someone and then order just a beer and leave. Especially when the staff had to turn down others at the door to accommodate you.


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