Yangon City Streets (Burma, Myanmar) – Fruits and Vegetables

If you visit the Chinatown area of Yangon, there are lots of fruits and vegetable stalls with a huge variety of colorful offerings. Some of the fruits come from neighboring China (for instance the super large peaches and apples). Many others, we recognized from our local markets back home, and then there were some curious looking ones, like the alien sized bean pods…

Lots of colorful fruit stalls at night




Jackfruit (Lanka)

That is some huge watermelon!

Trays of vegetables.

The boss said this is garlic? Cute!

According to a Burmese colleague, these huge discs (size of a child’s palm) are part of a bean, that has to be steamed before eating (otherwise it is very bitter). It looks like an alien plant to us!
IMG_0910 :O

Durians too!

Ain’t no mao shan wang or D24 though 😛

If you are short on travel time or don’t have the patience to venture to faraway wet markets, I recommend at least strolling through Chinatown and enjoy the sights of the array of veg, fruits & street food!

Next up, a sampling of street food around Yangon!

Yangon’s street food. A visual buffet!


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