Yangon (Burma, Myanmar) Street Food – A Visual Buffet

In Yangon city, there are endless roadside food stalls selling fried snacks to sweet drinks, creating a literal buffet line from one end of the city to the other. Locals enjoy their tea, snacks and small bites throughout the day during a break, on the way to/from work, waiting for the bus, or just passing time.

With the significant Sino-Burmese population (who arrived as early as the 1900s), some of the foods may seem very familiar such as fried spring rolls (simply enormous) and steamed buns.  There are also meat skewers, bowls of noodles, Burmese salads, etc.  If you have stomach of iron, why not give it try?

Fried pig offal near the jetty. Attracting many aunties picking up dinner on their way home after work.
Fried Pork Offal Stall

I spotted some hair sprouting out from a snout
Fried Pork Offal

Giant spring rolls
Spring Rolls

Tables and chairs are very low, reminds me of kindergarten seats. I think it makes it easier for the seller to sit comfortably and serve customers from that angle?
Street stall

Street stall

Be careful to not get hit by red spit 😮 caused by the saliva of betel nut chewers.
betel nut stand

Boss setting up shop in the morning (Chinatown). Starting up the coals for the day’s cooking.
Preparing food

Looks like mochi?
Sticky cakes

For chicken feet salad. Yum!
Chicken Feet Salad

Fried crickets. Having tried some in Bangkok before, I decided to give this a miss.
Myanmar Crickets

Hard boiled quail eggs sold on the Yangon circle line. One of the many vendors on board. The commuter next to us bought some (about 10 in a small bag), and happily snacked on it aboard the train, releasing a distinct sulfur smell when the shells cracked open.
On the train. Selling boiled quails eggs


Pig blood curd (the reddish piece) for making soup

Mohinga. Popular rice noodle with savoury fish soup (thick & chowder-like). One of my favorite meals on the trip. Disclaimer : this version was from our hotel so it might be different from the actual ones you get on the streets. Still, it was good and I am going to try to find a similar one back home.

Rice dumplings (Chinatown)
Yangon Chinatown - dumplings

Traditional Chinese biscuits (Chinatown)
Yangon Chinatown - Chinese biscuits

Tim Sum (Chinatown)
Yangon Chinatown - tim sum

Fried dough (Chinatown)
Yangon Chinatown - fritters

Yangon’s 19th Street in Chinatown comes alive at night with many grill carts to choose from. We tried the grilled red tilapia…very good! Really fresh, fleshy and tasty with all the secret herbs from this stall we were brought to by a local food guide. He (the guide) claims it is the best from all the stalls he has tried around the area (I have no doubt it is true!). It is so good that our guide had tried to persuade the boss to reveal his marination secrets… He has yet to succeed. LOL! Look for the stall with the blue color board near the entrance of the street.

Yangon Chinatown 19th Street Grill Stall

Yangon Chinatown 19th Street Grilled Fish

The many other skewer options, all looking good!
Yangon Chinatown 19th Street Grill Stall Skewers

Yangon’s youth enjoying a night out with friends, chilling with great food and perhaps a bottle or two of the local beer.
Yangon Chinatown 19th Street

Yangon’s Fruits & Vegetables


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